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According to famous video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who was responsible for the creation of beloved franchises like Mario and Zelda, “creativity is still immature” in gaming. During Nintendo’s recent shareholder meeting, Miyamoto said there wasn’t a “wide variety” of games on display at E3, which he says is indicative of “creative immaturity.”

“To some, it might have seemed as though there wasn’t a wide variety of software at E3, and as though many people followed the same direction to make their video games,” Miyamoto said. “I believe this is a revelation of creative immaturity on our part as creators in the video game industry.”

Citing a quote from the late Nintendo executive Hiroshi Yamauchi, Miyamoto said it is the nature of the entertainment business for one company to lead and others to follow with similar products, leading to a certain level of sameness over time. This is no different for video games, he said.

“My comment may be at risk of being misinterpreted, but in the digital content field, I think that our creativity is still immature,” Miyamoto said. “In the world of comic books and movies, there are people who are challenging themselves to be even more creative than before in creating their content.”

Video game developers are still in a “transitional period,” Miyamoto said, adding that he’s hopeful that someday game creators will be able to make more creative products. Nintendo hopes to do just that, he said. “If we can manage Nintendo without losing sight of this challenge, I believe we might be able to create new entertainment that dominates the industry,” Miyamoto said.

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