Music’s New Marketing Tool: Video Games


Once upon a time, all that was expected from musicians is that they, well, make music. Then, not so long ago, a musician with any hope of being successful had to make videos too, so audiences could also watch the music. Now, it seems, even that may not be enough: Today’s musicians, some think, have to make music, videos and some sort of interactive multimedia attraction for listeners.

This trend has been coming for a while—in 2010, Arcade Fire made a haunting exploration of the capacities of HTML 5 with the short film The Wilderness Downtown—but the past few weeks saw the release of an interactive website for the latest Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros album as well as what is probably the apotheosis of the trend: the game released by Okkervil River to go with their new album, The Silver Gymnasium, out this week.

Yes, a game—a faux-8-bit, “arrow keys to walk” game, the first chapter of which is available online now.

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adminMusic’s New Marketing Tool: Video Games