Pocket Festival

Design and manage your own Music Pocket Festival! ★ BUILD THE BIGGEST MUSIC POCKET FESTIVAL EVER! Start from humble beginnings and grow your festival into the premiere music event! ★ GET THE BEST LINE UP! More than 40 characterful Bands to unlock and collect! ★ THEME YOUR POCKET FESTIVAL! Customise your festival to match your musical tastes! ★ LISTEN TO ... Read More

State of Matter

State of Matter is a physics based 2D platform game in which you can change your physical form between liquid, solid and vapour. By using the distinctive characteristics of each of these forms, you as the player can solve puzzles, defeat enemies and proceed in the game.The player’s journey consists of beating challenging levels through various unique planets, trying to ... Read More
amazon scape

Toucan’s Amazon Escape

An exciting Match-3 game, themed as the exotic Brazilian Amazon Forest. Toucan is your jolly host, on his journey back home, after travelling all corners of the planet. Amazon Escape is an easy to learn, exciting game, which brings the best of the genre, but also adds special features which will keep you interested and hooked. Suitable for kids and ... Read More


Fan CLUB! is a multiplayer party game, where the players are avid fans. Through several fun minigames, the players can collect items, party with friends, and have a good time. Fan CLUB! will be available for mobile devices worldwide. ★ SOON AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE! Developer: Happy Hobgoblins / FanART Games Link Google Play: Link iOS: